Monday, January 10, 2011

Park Day

We officially have a weekly Park Day now.  Norah, Aliza and I head to the park shortly after breakfast and spend some good time outside.  Last Thursday was our first time and it was pretty cute watching the girls explore and get used to the park.

The Tunnel was definitely a favorite.

So were the swings.
The funny thing about Norah is that she likes to occupy her time there with things that she does at home too.
Like taking care of her babies (above).
And talking on the phone (below).

Aliza on the other hand, spent her time improving her climbing abilities.  I was pretty impressed!

And there was a bit of social time with the other kids there too.
Both of the girls were trying to help this little baby onto the swing...
While it didn't really work, the gesture was sweet.

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Candice said...

Miss Kate, I love your blog!