Friday, January 21, 2011

Bunny Hugs

After seeing that my father and I both had a hard time remembering the correct words to the songs he used to sing to me as a baby, we had a group session (more like an intervention) on skype to practice them.  That's why Baba had a tambourine in her last skype-candid picture.

All of this called to mind another classic Gig song, "Bunny hug, Bear hug."  Here are the words:

"Bunny hug, bunny hug
Bear hug, bear hug
Bunny hug, bunny hug
Bear hug, bear hug

Bear huuuuggggggggg, bunny hug"

You can see that Gig is pretending to hold a lil' baby in his arms as he is singing the classic.


Scoops said...

If I ask really nicely, do you think your parents would adopt me?

Kater said...

It's always worth a try. But you would have to give up scoops forever.