Thursday, January 27, 2011

Home Renovations

Some people call it renovating and some call it remodeling, but no matter what you call it.... It's important to look for ways to reinvent your living space.  As a child, I loved to do this.  I loved making forts wherever I could and later when I was a teenager, I loved rearranging my room- reinventing it every time.

We did some home renovations in the girls room recently.  The First Renovation looked like this:

It was nice and reminded me a bit of the television program Big Comfy Couch (which could be a good thing or a bad thing).
It wasn't very stable though.

So we tried for a different approach:
The Second Home Renovation

While the roof was a little saggy, it had a spacious living area and two bedrooms.
It was a winner!



Tamara said...

DId you also play mr. napkin man?!

Kater said...

Oh gosh! Where was Jude Law during all of this fort building? :)