Monday, January 17, 2011

2011 Theme Announced

Yesterday while skyping with my parents, my dad made an important announcement....

There will be a theme to this year's skype conversations.  

We decided that it would be best to wait until my mother's ready for this news.  This means that I can't tell you the theme yet, but I will make an announcement: 

The theme will be announced as soon as it can be announced or if it happens at all.
Cordially yours, Kate

Until then... here's a picture of last night's skype conversation, The Baba and Gig Band.

Notice that Gig is singing...
And Baba is playing the mighty tambourine.


::LYNDSEY:: said...

my secret wish in this life is that your mother and father would find me "cool" and welcome me into their connecticut life of fun.

they raise the bar.

Ann Gonyea said...

I cannot wait to hear the theme. It's all about the theme, as we learned in To Wong Foo. I'm loving Baba's hair!

Rodger said...

Actually, it's not the Baba and Gig Band. It's "GIGBABA," a
dynamic duo who live in Windsor, CT, but whose hearts are in the
Upper Peninsula (and Dubai, of