Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Giraffe Series

My mum loves giraffes, they are her favorite animal.  I know this for sure because there are giraffes all over Baba and Gig's house in Connecticut.  Growing up, I was mislead into thinking that everyone has to have their own favorite animal.  I couldn't love elephants because Kim loved them and I couldn't love giraffes because Baba loved them.  But after the last few years I've come to a conclusion....  I love giraffes. I hope we can share mum.

This giraffe series starts with a piece of art that Aliza created two weeks ago and then continues with pictures of the giraffes that live in Al Ain zoo, a city in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which I got to visit with some friends last weekend.

Here is Aliza's interpretation of a giraffe.....

You will notice that this giraffe has something very special about it.
Four very special things...

And then we continue with the giraffes of Al Ain:

A Mum and her Baby

Drinking water

My two favorite giraffes were pretty cute.
They were good at posing for a round of pictures.

And the Al Ain giraffes have it made...
They get to stand in front of the Omani mountains, making it all picture perfect.



::LYNDSEY:: said...

giraffes are the best. hands down.

AElizabeth said...

Lilah Rose enjoys giraffes as well. It just must be the cool people.

Rodger said...

You two (i.e., Katya and the Mum)
have impeccable taste : )!