Friday, January 14, 2011

Global Village

There's a place here called Global Village that's full of wonderful mysteries.  It's broken up by counties and the booths contain things that are unique to that country.  I liked it a lot when I went with some friends a couple of weeks ago.  It reminded me of Canton or the State Fair, even though Texas wasn't one of the countries...

A spice tower made of every spice you could imagine.

Turkish Lamps, just one example of the things you can purchase.

Global Village comes complete with rides.

And shows.
This was a group from South Africa that was really wonderful.


Temple Latimer Taylor said...

Oh, Wow. That looks right up my alley. I would love to smell the spices, get on the rickety ferris wheel (YEAH RIGHT!) and buy a beautiful lantern all while listening to South African rhythms. I miss you, Kate! These are great photos. xoxo

Kater said...

Temple! This really is right up your alley! You would love it and we would laugh together the whole time we were doing it! I miss you too Templie! Love you!