Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sting Ray

is what I like to call another law of skype that I've recently uncovered.

The first skype law was written about my parents in a previous post.  It started as a hypothesis, but I finalized it as a law tonight.  This is the second.  Who knows?  Someday my work might be included in physics books across the world like Newton's... I can only hope.

2nd Skype Law:
If the person I'm skyping with has a dog- I can guarantee that dog is going to get some screen time.  It's not that I ask people to do this.  I don't.  I wouldn't.  If there's a web cam around, people just can't help but include their furry friends in the skype conversation.

But there is no one that loves this law quite as much as my Best Friend.  Even when I visit her house I am subjected to watching her cuddle with her dog, Gracie.  But I guess it's time to admit that it's things like this that I miss and that make my day when I get to experience them long distance.

So Stephanie, even though I'm grossed out by all the love- I appreciate it and I love Gracie too.

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