Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas In Connecticut

I don't know if it's possible for my family to get any better.  Seriously. They are wonderful.

My Mom and Dad actually waited to open stockings and presents until we could open them together on skype.  And it felt like I was actually there!  It was such a sweet day yesterday!

Here we are opening stockings:

Dad always describes everything that he's getting and wears it right away.
Like his new fleece scarf.  
The act of describing everything that's going on (even if everyone is in the room and sees it very clearly) is a traditional Swanson tradition.  It's very traditional.  And tradition.

Thankfully, while my Christmas presents for them didn't get there in time, my mum gave something to my dad in my honor....

The Traditional Dad Present: Boxer Shorts

But one thing did end up getting there on time....

My mum's birthday present!
A very good book!

Happy Birthday Mummy!
I love you guys!

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