Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Our friends the Parks invited us over yesterday to get in the Christmas spirit.  This is what Christmas spirit really looks like:

Sugar cookie dough!
We spent the afternoon making delicious cookies and it was wonderful!

A slice of pumpkin pie made by Emma.

Emma and her cookie artwork.

If anyone knows what this is, I'll give you a long distance high five!
It was made by Kate Wright.

I made this one...  I found out that cookie making isn't exactly my gift.

But I still had fun!


Temple Latimer Taylor said...

It's an ornament!! I think...

AElizabeth said...

I think it's an elephant in a hat! And is yours a turtle?

Rodger said...

I think yours is a cookie made by
ET just before he returned home.
I think Kate Wright's is a cookie
ET's mom made for him when he got home.

Kater said...


They look like all of those things- that's the sad thing.

Kate's is Santa even though I thought it looked like a seahorse. And mine was a teddy bear! We were both made fun of for them. Dad- I like the ET idea!