Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With...

I got some amazing things this year for Christmas from my parents.

We Swansons are very serious about Christmas stockings:

And mine held some real goodies inside:
1. A Hello Kitty 2011 Calendar
2. Toy Story 3!
3. A Little Beaver Finger Puppet (currently coveted by Aliza)
4. 2 Books
5. A Harry Potter House Patch
6. Bertie Botts Flavor Beans

And as it is tradition, my mum made me some things for Christmas:

A Zebra Pillowcase 
 a Stuffed Animal
(which reminds me of my Ugly Doll, Ox,
 who is currently coveted and held hostage by Jam Town)

I have to say my favorite present is the stuffed animal.  Those long arms are meant to hug me, according to my mother.  And every time Norah comes into my room she starts laughing and cooing about how much she loves it.  She has the best taste.

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jme4ya25 said...

How is Ox being held hostage.. I think I remember him being given up freely. I think he is having a great time in Texas anyway!