Saturday, December 11, 2010

Everyone Needs to Swim

So, a few months ago two Red-eared Sliders came to live with us at the villa.  Their names:  Gregory and Aubergine, French for eggplant.

In the beginning of their time with us they lived in the tiny container they came with.  We could refer to  it as Motel 6.  They were boring and made me sad every time I looked at them forcing me to think to myself, "That's no life."  They had a plan in making us feel that way because...

Recently, we upgraded their room to a full suite.  We will refer to it as the Turtle Hilton.  Here are the pictures of Yaya being surprised by mom on the best Turtle day ever!

On the stairs, closing her eyes and waiting for her surprise.

Checking out the new turtle scene.

Yaya helping transport the sad turtles to their new happy home.

The turtle tank came with some new friends for the turtles.
Two goldfish named Dave and Gloria.
And three guppies named Kate Swanson, Kate Wright and Miss Amanda.

Still too little to only require one chair while turtle watching.  :)

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