Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At the Top

Guess what.... I went to the top of the world.  Well maybe not the top of the world, but at least to the top of Dubai.  I actually accomplished going up the elevator of the tallest building in the world... and what's more of an accomplishment... I got off the elevator at the observation deck.  For a few minutes I chose to kneel and scoot towards the windows.  And eventually I stood up and walked around, never really feeling completely comfortable but still loving it.  Here's some of the view.

I am Burj Khalifa.

Do you notice what's behind Yaya's shoulder.
That's right, pigeons like the view too.

We even got to see the sunset.


Kimberly & Adam said...

I might have peed my pants. Baba probably wouldn't have gotten off the elevator.

Kater said...

Haha, she most definitely wouldn't have gotten off the elevator!