Saturday, December 04, 2010

As Big as the Sky

We have a tradition in my family called LOVE.  Maybe you have the same tradition.
Love is hard to explain and analyze.  It only grows deeper over long distance, which I've learned, and it's hard to pinpoint a beginning and an end to it... even though we always try to.

I've learned to love because my family loves me so well.  And whenever we say "love you", we don't just leave it at that.  We say, "Love you as big as the sky."  (I learned that from Ann and Kim.)  Today while I was scrolling through some of my photos from the last 2 1/2 months I saw these:

This is the view from my balcony which explains why I can't resist spending every morning out there reading.  And every time I see the sky.... you probably know what I think of now.


AElizabeth said...

Glee together! That was the first of many episodes I've watched with people I love. People say to me, "Why do you watch Glee? It's cheesy and lame." It's because of times like this and I like to re-live the feeling. Love you!

::LYNDSEY:: said...

this is probably my favorite post you've written thus far. also, may i have your permission to use that phrase? let me know :)

Ann Gonyea said...

Awww. I definitely love you at least as big as that sky! :-)

Kimberly & Adam said...

LYBATS, babe.