Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Mysterious Case of the Pigeons

We go to a pool in our neighborhood quite often.  It's in the shape of a three leaf clover and it's located in a compound of villas that some of our friends live in.  The first time I saw the compound I exclaimed, "This is just like Italy."  Each villa has a front door that opens into a cobble stone alley way making it a bit Venice-esque.

But the thing that really made me think of Italy were the pigeons- who knew that pigeons live in the middle east too...  Apparently they rent apartments everywhere in the world.  And because the clover pool is in the compound, pigeon feathers are floating on top of the water every day that we go to the pool.

Don't worry, this isn't me, but I just wanted you to get the full picture.
It's pigeons + Venice.

Today was a different sort of day for pigeon sightings.  When we arrived at the pool we saw two pigeons wobbling around trying to keep their balance.  And unfortunately, there was a pigeon by the pool trying to fly away, but his body was dead weight and he couldn't go anywhere.  Unfortunately, I witnessed this one die after a couple of minutes.

At first we thought that one of our friends was the culprit.  Surely he brought his BB gun out and shot them, but then we ruled that out because we didn't see any bullet wounds.  Bullet wounds mean BB gun, obviously, so he was in the clear.  After we saw them writhe around in pain for quite awhile (sorry if you picture this in your head), we reasoned that they had been poisoned.  Once pigeons decide to live somewhere, they want to live there forever.  Someone obviously wants to get rid of them.

The mystery was reason enough for me to stay out of the pool today.  And maybe every day for that manner.  Just another detective case to go down in my books and just another day in Dubai.

Here are some real pictures of the pool.

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Samantha said...

FYI turns out that the poisoner is the Municipality! There's a lot less pigeons now...