Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Best Day Ever.

I woke up this morning like it was any other day.

Like usual, I got ready and went into the study to read and pray.  After a little while Kate passed by with a yellow bag in her hands and peeked into the room.  She usually says hi, but this time she lingered like something in the plastic grocery sack was for me.  Low and behold, it was.  She had gotten bagels at Spinney's, a grocery store down the street, and brought them back to enjoy together!

If you know anything about me, you know that my two favorite foods are muffins and bagels.  But they don't have an endless supply of bagels in Dubai.  I went to another grocery store a few weeks ago and they didn't have any.  We recently found out from friends that Spinney's sells bagels and Kate was such a good friend to think of me this morning when she passed by it.

This is a common occurrence in countries that understand the greatness of bagels:
it's what they call "The Happy Bagel Face."

There is also a rumored wonderful and beautiful "Happy Bagel Dance."
(If only I could demonstrate that on the blog, but at least Glen saw it today)

Now, there were two people in the kitchen this morning that had never met a bagel before:

Look at her face, you can tell she already understands the greatness at such a young age.

This one's not so sure and thought that it was a donut...

But ultimately, everyone was won over.

And the Great Bagel Day didn't stop there.

A few hours later another friend Glen brought in another bag full of bagels ushering in more of the Happy Bagel Face and Happy Bagel Dance!  

What I've learned today: I am blessed to live in a wonderful community of people.  It's not really about the bagels, even though I love them, it's more about the thought behind them.  Glen even brought two other surprises:


Obviously purchased because it says, "Made in U.S.A.!"


becca jordan said...

i LOVE bagels!!! i'm jealous of your good bagel day. and of the nutella. glad life outside the US is just as much fun! :)

Rodger said...

I'm sad not to be able to witness the Happy Bagel Dance : (. It is, I am sure, awesome to behold. I, myself, engaged in a spontaneous Happy Tallow Dance after delivering
said product to the Shooner Amistad at Mystic Seaport. Sadly,
witnesses thought they were observing an old person in a state of medical emergency. Fortunately, I spotted the intervention team with my rearview mirror and escaped their clutches in just a nick. Whew! Adventure is a lot more challenging without Katya's backup.