Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Crew

We have a lot of names floating around the villa every day.  Sometimes the names are attached to a real person, as an alias.  Sometimes they are attached to someone we can't see.  It just depends on what our mood is.  Here's a sample:

Ruthie- What I like to call Aliza when she's doing something suspicious.  This happens now and then, as you can imagine.

Pinatch- What Aliza likes to call herself when she is playing pretend.

Willy- Aliza watched Free Willy and ever since then she's been talking about him and to him.  I feel bad for him because he's always trapped.  That's no life.

Kevin- You've already heard about him.

Cinnamon English & Fern- The official imaginary friends.
I'll try to post a picture of them soon.  I was also just informed by Aliza that Big Boy (their big brother), Fern's mom and Fern's dad are also a part of the official friends.

It's nice living in a full house.


Kimberly & Adam said...

This made me happy on a very emotional morning. Love you big as the sky!

Kater said...

I love you big as the sky!!!! And I always will!