Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Even though none of us are really big on Valentine's Day here, it was important to celebrate the occasion with a few honored traditions this past weekend.

The first one of those traditions was.... Valentine's SHOEBOXES!

I helped Aliza and Norah decorate them.  (If you see Yaya or Norah- Don't tell them these shoeboxes were meant to house all of the Valentines that people gave them... because they didn't get any, but at least they have shoeboxes with holes at the top... just in case.)

Yaya's had a very nice garden theme.

And Norah's had a very nice monster theme, but as you can see she got a little bit distracted and started decorating her baby with the stickers instead.

But then we got back on track...

And of course the second honored tradition is a rose and a valentine from my father:

Gig knows how to treat his ladies!
I'm sure that rose was actually for my mum, not me...  but I wouldn't say that to him of course.

Suddenly, during the second tradition something unexpected happened:
Baba and Gig started singing...

"I've Got You Babe" by Sonny and Cher
Baba even had jingle bells in her hand...

Happy Valentine's Day!


Life's Song said...
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Life's Song said...

So Sweet! :)


Danuta said...

you're parents are so cool!! hahaha

Danuta said...

*your. gah! I can't spell today

Temple Latimer Taylor said...

I love your mom and dad! So, so cute. xo I miss you, Kate face! Can we have a skype date? How about this weekend? Love you!