Thursday, February 24, 2011

Carrefour on a Friday

When you move to a different country things are different.  That's obvious.  But with every new culture comes new tests.  I've been subjected to a few tests, but none compared to going to Carrefour on a Friday afternoon.... accompanied by two small fries.  Carrefour is a grocery store and I had to make a special Friday trip a few weeks ago because I was making something for a party.

You can see the massive amount of people behind the cart housing the girls.  All I can say, still after a few weeks have passed, is... "Wow."

All to their credit: the girls did an amazing job being in such a crowded, over-busy place before even getting to eat lunch that day.  They are the real troopers!

Gloria later explained to me that we all go through these tests and soon there will be new people around that I can do the same thing to.

In her words, it would be "luring an unassuming victim into something that is seemingly harmless and ordinary only to discover that it takes special skills to navigate the C4 on Friday."  I like those words, it's the way I felt... except I wasn't lured, I went willingly.  What was I thinking?

Do I now have the special skills?


Will I ever willingly put myself in that situation again?


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Anonymous said...

Oh, But you may have too again. Just for the right reason!