Sunday, February 20, 2011

Encouragement to Artists of the Wool

Knitting and Crocheting have become one of my favorite past times over the last few years.  But as an encouragement to others who would say, "I want to learn something new, but I get discouraged when my skills don't improve quickly," I would like to show you the truth:

I once felt the same way...

During a recent skype conversation my father commented on the harsh cold that Connecticut has been experiencing this winter, but added that he had the perfect thing to fight the cold.  Then he held this up:

My first crocheted scarf:

Now, if you're somewhat like me and like to give people the benefit of the doubt... let me point out something.
The scarf does not taper towards the top of this picture because it is further in the background.  It's not moving towards the vanishing point of this picture at all, it's being held straight up...
Notice the image below:

That is the middle of the scarf, but don't worry... It gets bigger again towards the other end.

Dad, thanks for being so gracious and continuing to wear this scarf with pride.
I love you!

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