Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aliza: The Proud Mommy

When Judson was born, Aliza got a newborn baby from some friends here.  Here's the happy family:

She's so happy that she's singing with her eyes closed.
(About a Boy anybody?)

Yaya was so excited about him, as any proud mother would be.
She was so proud that she wanted to record many first moments.
Here are some of them that I captured too:

Yaya capturing her baby's first time visiting with Grandpop.
Or maybe she's capturing her baby's first time laying on a table at a fast food restaurant....
I'm not sure.

Here's the actual photo that she took.
It really says everything.

Yaya and Baby riding on Grandpop's shoulders.
We'll have to see how this situation will work as both of them grow at an alarming rate.

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