Thursday, February 03, 2011

More J-Town Fever

How many people can you stick in a hospital room....

We found out this week as everyone had J-Town fever.

Can you find Judson in this picture?

Grandpop Watson and J-Town

Donita and Judson

Grandma Watson and J-Town

This is Joshua Jones.  
If anyone has experience holding babies, it's this guy.  He has three little siblings to prove it.

* J-Town fever is contagious, but will not do anything to you except make you always want to be around Judson.  There should be no fear of falling ill with this fever.  You will be okay... maybe.


Temple Latimer Taylor said...

Love, love, love that there are so many peeps in that hospital room! I also love that Judson has more hair than I do, and is wearing a snow cap. So cute!

Caitlin said...

He's finally here! Did you knit him that precious beanie? I'm pretty sure you did