Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sometimes I wonder if I should post something more than once a day because I have an over-abundance of subject matter to talk about.  Just this morning something priceless happened.  Imagine with me:

Scene:  I was sitting in my room, playing worship songs on the guitar.

Action:  All of sudden I hear a knock on my door and respond, "Come in."  Aliza enters.

Priceless happening: I finish the song I'm singing as Aliza listens and then she asks me if she can play my guitar and sing.  She says, "What do you want me to sing?"  I tell her the beginning of the verse of a song and she responds, "A different way?"  Meaning: Do you want me to maybe get part of what you just said into a song that I make up on the spot.  "Yes!"  I say.

Here are some of the things she sang to me:

I gave her the words "We are hungry"
She sang:

We are hungry, we need food to eat.
The curtains do not need food.
We are thirsty, God gave us a drink.
When the storm came we were in the boat,
We dropped him in the water.

I'm not sure who "him" is in that verse...

Next verse:

Lord I want more of you,
We are special.
We are the Lord's special.
You are the glasses that came for the sin in our heart.

That last line is very deep: glasses help us see things and give sharpness to the blurriness in our lives.

Final verse:

We hope Baby Judson gets bigger with you.
It's a different job to watch our children.
We are the girls, we are listening about the thing.
We are the family of the cross,
You gave us everything You mind about.
You gave us the chore and the truth from You.

See what I'm talking about: an over-abundance.


George Paul said...


sheeva said...

This just made my morning like woah. :) I love how HE speaks truth in such a wonderful way, differently to all of us.

Juelie Blaise said...

i think the "him" dropped in the water was Jonah...i'm following her thought process... :) miss youuuu!

Breanna Eubanks said...

I was totally thinking that it was Jonah too! Juelie- we're on the same page with her!