Monday, November 15, 2010

Road Trip to Sharjah

I have some pretty cool friends here.  Friends that are willing to go to great lengths...
Last week we went to another Emirate for the first time: Sharjah.  And of course, we got a little lost- but those are the great lengths I'm talking about.  It was an amazing night and fun to see another place on the peninsula that is very different from Dubai.

You know there's going to be an adventure when you start off by getting in a car here.

After arriving safely in Sharjah we found the SHARJ H D OW Restaurant, 
which was on a dhow (you wouldn't know that by the name though... hehe).

Lebanese food = my favorite.

And fruit juices have replaced smoothies in my life.
I know... it's surprising.
This one was a mango banana smoothie.

Here are my wonderful friends: (left to right)
Danuta, Cindy, Amanda and some other girl that was there...
Danuta was showing us around her home, but don't worry- she doesn't live on the OW Restaurant.

And finally we stepped into the Blue Souq.

Sharjah = awesome in my books.

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