Tuesday, November 09, 2010


"I'm willing to get my hands dirty.
I'll expose myself to things that I wouldn't if I weren't called into community.
Because Jesus bore things that weren't HIS to bear- I'm willing for my life to be complicated.  I'm willing for it to become messy.
There's no such thing as love that doesn't require sacrifice.  No community that doesn't require suffering."

- Paul Tripp

It's important to remind myself that this quote comes from a heart that yearns to grow in community with others.  It is gospel-centered.  Carrying each others' burdens means that I'm not focused on what I get out of the relationships in my life, but instead I seek to be in redemptive relationships.  This is something I'm continuing to learn every day, every way.

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Anonymous said...

A fountain of wisdom, that's what you are! ...or, pure sunshine. You can choose:)