Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Creek Life, Not Greek Life...

The souqs live down by the creek.  And the creek is a happening place.  The great thing is that it's impossible to see all of the souqs without taking a ride on an abra to the other side of the creek.  That's how happening it is.  And because I don't get to be a part of Creek Life everyday, I took some pictures for you to see how amazing it really is.

These men know what Creek Life is all about.  
They load up this dhow in order to transport goods up and down the creek to the place they need to be.

Don't worry, I took this warning seriously.

This is an abra.
The driver sits in the hole in the middle and operates the boat while the riders sit all around him.

This is a picture taken from the Deira side of the Creek.
We wanted to get to the Bur Dubai side.

Amanda and I sitting in front of our fleet of abras.

There's our fleet again.

A man driving his abra and talking on a cell phone...
Priorities are everything, eh?
Get off the road!!!  Hehe.

One of the dhows in the distance.

Abras don't have any railings or seatbelts.
But they do have foot rests.

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