Friday, August 13, 2010

The Trees of East Texas

Today is officially my last full day of camp.

I was journaling this morning and realized that I thought today would never come.  During staff training, I thought it would never get to this point.  During session 1-10, I thought it would be forever before this happened.  Yesterday, I was pretty sure I would stop breathing before the sun came up.
Hehe, just kidding, that was a little dramatic.

But the point is: it has been hard for me to picture today.  And now that it's here, I feel peace.

Naturally, I've been recounting a lot of things that the past 6 years have been for me.
- Growth
- Learning to live authentically
- Learning to trust
- My roots deepening not in a place, but in a Person
- Family

And at the end of this season, I'm grateful for the trees of East Texas.  I have spent a lot of time playing next to them, teaching OE kids about them, reflecting beneath them and falling in love with the one who created them.  And just like somehow their roots are grounded in the hard clay of East Texas, my roots are grounded in the one I'm walking into this next season of life with.

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