Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Day of "Camping"

So, we left from Lewisville early this morning to get on the road.  And got past Arkadelphia when a light on my car started flashing, which left us here... at a rest stop in Arkansas.
This is part of the problem that left us "resting", an overflow of transmission fluid.
So we sat, talked, drank water and enjoyed the breeze on a very hot day.
 Until the tow truck guy, Dave, came.
Dave just happens to be my new best friend.  Not only did he take us all the way back to Hot Springs to find a place to work on the car, he also neglected to charge us extra towing whenever the Ford dealership wouldn't even look at my Mazda and we had to go to another place.  He was a wonderful blessing today.

The reason this really happened today: so that I would have internet access tonight and I talk on skype with Kimberly for the first time.  Best night of my life!


jme4ya25 said...

So i have a confession.. and i just realized this.. I still have Ox...I guess you have to come back for him... =)

Kater said...

I know you still have OX! When we checked into a hotel on Tuesday night I realized it because one time I left him at a hotel and they mailed him back to me! You did that ON PURPOSE! You're sneaky.