Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Girl's Night

Memory #2: Girl's night is about boas, ice cream, dance parties and sometimes.... homesickness. :)

I have always had a love/hate relationship with girl's night.  I loved it as a counselor, struggled with it my first few years as an Assistant Director (because of homesickness epidemics) and now love it again!  And last night was officially my last girl's night!  Jane and Haley wrote a mad lib that they had the girls cabins fill out and here was Sky 2's letter to me:

Dear Kate,

Hi!  We are writing you from Sky Ranch, so you can remember us when you are in the bathroom.  We are having a(n) squishy week at camp!  The girls in my cabin are so fluffy.  Our counselors are pretty smelly too.  One of them is named Kate, but we all call her slimy llama.  Last night she twirled!  It was really funny.

Every day, we go to lots of activities.  The glittery activity here is definitely the zip lines.  Every time we go there, we always play ping pong.  I also love the blob.  Yesterday, we went there and played Sorry!  It was fluffy because it was lightningy outside.

I got you a present!  In crafts, I made you a lafaunda!  It is mac and cheese and splattered and flabbergasted.  It is about the same size as a manatee, and it smells like ocean mist.  I bet you will love it!  I will try to mail it to you, but I hope that it doesn't cost more than ceptillian pennies to send it.

I have gotten so many silly bands from the girls in my cabin.  By now, I probably have at least 18.  I have a tortise, a pickles and a parallelogram.  I even have a glow-in-the-dark peacock!  Those are all really cool, but my absolute favorite in my Anya band.  I didn't even know they made silly bands like that!

We really miss you here.  It just isn't the same without you.  We miss the way you always belly flop at girls night, and your slobbery singing voice at Pow-Wow.  We always loved it when you came to jet skis with us and pooped.  Grubby misses you too.  He told us to tell you that "California flipped in the belly button."  He said you'll know what that means.

That's all I have to tell you right now!  Hope you're having a great time!
Sky 2

Farewell Girl's night, I'll always love you!

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