Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grubby... So misunderstood

Memory #4: Grubby revolutionized Sky Ranch.

There is a story behind Grubby.

Two summers ago, some friends and I were in Brookshires in Van, TX.  On the way out, a claw game caught my eye...  That's never a good thing.  We approached it, I wasted 2 dollars and then sighed as we left the store defeated.  Before we even got out the door, a lady approached me and asked if I wanted some stuffed animals she won from a claw game in another grocery store.  She was apparently an expert at winning claw games.  I said yes and left with two ugly stuffed animals.  One was a pink and purple crab...  And the other was Grubby...

Later on that day I attached Grubby to a stick with some pink duct tape.  And a star was born...

Thanks to Andrew I now have a Grubby to take to Dubai.

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