Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shirley's New Title

Yesterday, I realized that I've been sitting on a goldmine for my whole life.

My mother has been a grandmother since before I was even born, but we've only ever called her the classic, "Grandma."  I've always envied friends who call their grandparents by unusual names like: Gee-Gee, Grannie Annie, NaNa, etc.  And even though my mum isn't my grandma...

I decided to rename her yesterday for all of the grandkids.  I decided to take a step to make a change.  Be the change you wish to see, as they say.

It was a closed poll, until we started discussing it at my brother's kitchen table.

The winner is: Baba
Short for the Russian term for grandmother, Babushka

(It wasn't even an option, but I wrote it in later)...  Things just work that way in the voting world sometimes...

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Kimberly & Adam said...

Yesssssss! Working on retraining the children now.