Thursday, April 28, 2011

What makes me

eager to ....

To dance?  The footloose soundtrack.  Also a little known fact: Any time I hear country music now I want... no, NEED to two step.  I miss you Texas.  I miss you El Chaparral.

To laugh?  Seeing people I love do silly things.  Or sometimes, just being around them.  I'm a giggle box.

To smile?

To cry?  Legends of the Fall, every time... it gets embarrassing after awhile.

To blog?  Talking to my parents and thinking about my friends.

To write a book?  When I think about my desire to share my experiences with others.

To make a yummy meal?  When I hear the word Mediterranean.

To play the guitar?  When I listen to Enter the Worship Circle.

To rearrange my room?  When I feel like a change.

1 comment:

El Chaparral said...

Katherine Rose,

I miss you too... Come home to me!!