Tuesday, April 26, 2011

M&M's on a Rooftop

Last week I went to a walk-up movie with some friends.  It was just like a drive-in movie except without a car.  And it was a little unfortunate that it was a walk-up movie because I tripped and fell on the stairs... it didn't show the rest of the movie goers my true aptitude for walking.  Like I said unfortunate.

But check it out: Wafi, one of the malls here, holds this walk-up, sit-in, watch-out movie experience called Peanut Butter Jam.  And while you're watching the movie, you get to sit on M&M bean bags.

Quite nice, right?
To make things better they were showing Meet the Parents.
And I got to share the experience with these girls:

Night well spent.

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