Friday, April 15, 2011

A Question Only An Aussie Could Answer

Do you consider possums and sugar gliders to be the same thing?

Because the other day, I was in the girl's room doing a bit of light reading and found this:

"'Listen to me, Green Frog.  You can learn to swim,' says Old Possum, coming down her tree."

When I taught science to kids, we Americans would always refer to that little furry creature on the left page as a sugar glider.  So, I was just wondering.....

Should she be referring to herself as "Old Possum"?
Is it just her Aussie name?
I mean... a marsupial is as a marsupial does.


Kimberly & Adam said...

Arguably, Detroit is no where near Australia, but we call that a possum.

AElizabeth said...

That is for sure a sugar glider.