Monday, April 11, 2011

Notorious C.U.P.C.A.K.E.

Cupcake has a few more letters than B.I.G.... but I figured this title would work anyway.

The girls helped us celebrate Aliza's birthday last week, and boy- what a celebration it was!  It even included cupcakes.  And I found out what happens when you mix those two things: the girls and cupcakes.
It's notorious, as in: famous, well-known, or scandalous.

Let me show you, this is how it started:

Here's Subject A:
Seemingly interested in the art of making cupcakes.

And here's Subject B:
Obviously more interested in the sprinkles.

And yet look who ended up inhaling the sprinkles after the cupcakes were made:

Notorious Subject A

Even after the incident shown above, Subject A had enough room in her tummy to eat one of her birthday cupcakes.  Thank Goodness.

And Subject B made it out okay too.

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