Monday, September 27, 2010


Aliza meet Grubby.
Grubby meet Aliza.

The first time Aliza saw Grubby on my bed she started saying, "He's scary, he's scary."  Then I started to sing "He's not scary, he's just misunderstood."  Those two phrases have become a musical moment between us whenever Aliza comes into my room.  It is quite beautiful.  
So far, she still thinks he's a scary monster, but the fact that she's singing those words tells me that she is warming up to him.

And he's just waiting for the day.


haley nicole. said...

I saw this on my dashboard and I may or may not have verbally said, "YES!" in the middle of class....

I LOVE GRUBBY and I love that you wrote about this. He is indeed so misunderstood, but I'm glad you're breaking down that barrier between him and Aliza. Proud of you, little buttercup.

Juelie Blaise said...

i am so glad you have introduced them. Grubby is indeed misunderstood. but he has a heart of gold. i love you, kate kate kate kate kate.

Emily Anne said...

GRUBBY!!!!! And I thought you might like to know that Habib is alive and kickin! I've checked in on him a few times for you!