Friday, September 24, 2010

The Aquarium


I don't really enjoy frequenting the mall in the States, but there is something interesting about the malls here...  Sometimes they leave you speechless.

For instance, last weekend I saw fish swimming in the mall....  Not just little goldfish.  BIG FISH.

This is Henry the shark, named after my nephew Ephraim.

You can see that this aquarium is definitely in the mall...
The good thing is that you can see most of it without actually paying for anything.  My friends told me that there's more inside, but seeing the outside is just as good!  Sounds like my kind of aquarium.

Henry swimming with his "friends"...  Hmmm.


Kimberly & Adam said...

Ephraim says he doesn't believe the shark's name is Henry. He's laughing right now and says you are "Henry silly".

Kater said...

That made my day!!!