Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coffee and Jazz

One of the bonuses of living in the villa is that quite often, we have to make desserts and goodies for different events that are held here.  When doing this, we find that it's best for everyone involved if we double the recipe.  That way, the guests can partake in the goodness during the event and we can partake in the goodness right after it's made.  Besides, it's always important to do a taste test, I'm sure you all would agree.

On Saturday, we made pumpkin streusel coffee cake for an upcoming event.  And let me tell you... It's a good thing we tasted it beforehand because it was delicious- we wouldn't have wanted anyone to suffer through anything that's un-delicious...  I mean seriously people.

But in partaking in my piece of coffee cake, I had a brilliant idea.  Why not make myself an afternoon of coffee cake, lattes and jazz.  So I made a latte, brought my ipod to the kitchen and relaxed with a little taste of home- pumpkin...  And it was good.  I tried to capture my love for this in picture form.

Boy, do I love coffee and jazz.


hey girrrrl said...

YUM!!!!!!!!! You might be jealous of me though, because I made meatloaf last night with Casey!! I thought of you the whole time! I wish I could mail you some!

Temple Latimer Taylor said...

Mmm... that looks/smells/sounds delightful. Thank God for all of our senses and such pleasantries as these!