Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Epic Boat Trip

What you've heard is true... 
On Labor Day, my father and I went on a 17.5 mile boat trip down the Connecticut River.
And it was wonderful.  
It was restful being on the water, talking to my dad and enjoying the call of the sea... or river.
We spend our best time together on the water, sometimes silently and sometimes like this...

About an hour into the trip I dramatically hollered, "Dad, there's a log in front of us!  We won't suffer the same fate as the Titanic!  This won't be our ice berg!"
To which my dad replied, "Well I should hope not.  I'm no Brad Pitt."
Puzzled, I responded, "Dad, Brad Pitt wasn't in Titanic..."
"Well he sure acted like he was."...


Our trusty metal canoe

Candid shot

The Sea is in his heart.

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