Monday, December 07, 2009

A New Chapter

Last time I wrote in this blog, I was living in Denton, still in school and working at McConnell. Many things have changed since then. I have moved to Michigan, Connecticut and then back to Texas. I have experienced happiness and heartbreak. I have learned how to teach and how to learn. I have learned how to love and how to step away from hate. I have learned many different things.

I am living in Lindale with two wonderful roommates and working at Sky Ranch as an Outdoor Education Instructor. Everyday I wake up early to have some quiet and some coffee before I go to work. This time in the morning is what keeps me sane. In every place that I have been in life over the past two years, the one constant thing is my relationship with pops. He has loved me like no one else ever could and teaches me how to love others like that. Over the past year, he has affirmed that my passion is working with kids, even though the stress of the day can make me forget this. I have loved teaching kids about science every day, it is such a blessing.

There are times when I look over into another pasture and wish for my life to be different. With my schedule and the lack of time I have to invest in my family or meeting people out of my circle of friends, I start to feel claustrophobic and wish for more space, more time. But then I slow down for a bit and realize that I have everything that I need in life right now and I don't want to waste time wishing for something else.

I recently went to visit my family over Thanksgiving in Detroit and it was wonderful. I spent time laughing and crying with them. They remind me of pop's love so much. They know me the best and know how to love me in everything. I can't believe how blessed I am with them.

As December continues into the Holiday season, I want to make a promise. That I'm going to look for opportunities to give and to love well. I'm going to stop worrying about what's next and I'm going to focus on how to live in the present. I'm going to slow down and spend time loving those the pops has put into my life, but most of all, I'm going to let them love me.

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