Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I recently joined a 29 Day Giving Challenge. For 29 days, I give one gift to a random someone a day. The first night that I started, I gave the gift of a willing ear and a shoulder to cry on.
Day 2: A welcome gift of sorts
Day 3: Quality Time with friends
Day 4: I have not decided yet

It's an interesting challenge for me to begin because I have had a hard time thinking outside of the box on this one. It's really easy for me to consider material things gifts, but other things such as quality time, I'm not so apt to think of as a gift. But what I have realized in the beginning stages of this is that intangible things are sometimes the most important gifts. So, I'm not only going to challenge myself to give, but I'm also going to challenge myself to be creative. And to create opportunities for life-changing gifts. Because hey- anything is possible, even if it's only my life that's being changed. :)

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