Thursday, May 12, 2011

Updated Post-it Plan

You know how when someone's gone and you just really miss them.  You been there?  And then you start this plan, but you forget to do it for a few days and you feel like a bad friend.... an inconsistent friend.  Well, I just can't be an inconsistent friend to Kate Wright.  I mean, she's such a consistent friend to me and to Aliza.  Kate Wright is the type of person who comes into the kitchen when we're eating lunch and helps Aliza stay focused.... stay on task..... eat instead of daydreaming.  She helps Aliza turn a frown upside down.  And to Norah- man, Kate Wright does the car wash.  (don't worry, she's crying everyday in your absence).  I mean- THAT'S CONSISTENCY.

So, I decided to start over, to get a new plan.  And I lost steam after a little while because it would have been really demanding.  But at least that little Texas girl knows that I care.

You have to read it from the bottom up.

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