Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Eve of Summer

I woke up to a phone call from someone I love (*cough, cough.... Jane) and I'm very grateful for that because the Lord used it to place my heart here this morning:


I have been so blessed by the years I spent at camp and this morning it is amazing to me that for the first time I get to observe it from the outside world.  I want to write this to the people that are there this summer and who are living out the good news at Sky Ranch:

There is no other place that you'll pour yourself out for others the way you do at camp this summer.  You are on the eve of something incredible that you can't predict and that you can't force.  You can only trust the One who has placed you there and that's my prayer for you on the eve of your first day of campers... to trust.

Realize that you will walk in grace this summer, whether it's your first summer or your fourth.  There will be times when you feel like it's you who's doing everything, but in reality it's only by grace.  When you feel the tension in your body to stop or quit, push through and let go because that's when you know something incredible is about to happen in your own life and in one of the lives' of your precious campers.

Remember to laugh.  Remember to not take yourself too seriously.  Wear a gnome around your neck and for one summer let go of the plans you might have for the next school year or the start of your "real life" after school and just be there.  Trust and be there.  And know that you're not in this alone.  You have your brothers and sisters at camp and at home, camp leadership who loves you and somebody on the other side of the world who is thinking and praying for you every day.


Juelie Blaise said...

I love you so much, Kate. :)

Rachel said...

Second that! Love that! Miss it too!

Britta Carlson said...

i love you kate :)