Friday, March 04, 2011

In the Spirit of the Tutu

When I was a little girl, I liked to play dress up.  I would go over to my friend Jordan's house and sneak into her dress-up box, which I envied more than I like to admit.  We would put on dresses, shirts, pants and boas.  But the thing most prized in that box was Jordan's pink ballerina outfit, complete with tutu.

Whenever I was away from Jordan's I would try my hand at dress-up, but I could never quite master it without those quality costumes.  Oh man, I wish I had a picture to show you...  The only outfit I could come up with was a full-length cat costume my mother made, spiced up with a pink tutu over it.  On a good day, I would also hold a wand.  I must have been a magic ballerina kitty.  You'll be happy to know that I'm allergic to cats and have been for the extent of my life, so none of this quite makes sense looking back on it.

But even after my failed attempts, I think about the spirit of the tutu often.  And can see that the girls I am blessed to walk alongside here every day are also spirited tutu-wearers.  More passionate than I ever was.

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