Thursday, June 09, 2011

And the Story Begins...

It's important to ease into new time zones.  If you arrive late at night, it's best to arrive tired so that you can sleep the first night.  If you arrive early in the morning, it's important to stay up most of the day in order to wear yourself out.  Everything has a strategy.  Everything.  That's why Baba and I hit up Cafe Ceramique the first night she was here to eat a little dinner and to paint a little pottery...

Baba arrived early in the morning and by this time you could tell she was ready for bed!

I was absorbed in my artwork.

I mean... Look at that fence.

A Masterpiece.  And the finale of Baba's first day in Dubai.

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Temple Latimer Taylor said...

Those are beautiful little pottery pieces! Good job! :)