Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Story

Here is an entry from my journal that I thought I'd share this morning:

Okay, so I just finished "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" by Donald Miller and it was a beautiful book full of stories. It has been so encouraging to read this week. As I think about the stories that I truly fall in love with, they always have hope and they are stories that are full of purpose. This makes me think about my own story and the stories that I entangle myself with every day.

I feel like most people get to a point in their lives when they become all about risk management. I know I am all about it. Because we've been hurt before or gone through something, we want to control things in our lives so we never have to feel that pain again. But I truly admire people who aren't concerned with risk management. Who aren't afraid to get hurt. Who aren't afraid to love with their whole being.

Actions between people are always closely monitored by others. And they are the things that I'm most critical of in my own life and in the lives of others. It's almost as if actions are words spoken out. Words we have written in our thoughts and hearts that when carried out penetrate darkness. They either add to the darkness or they penetrate it and break it down. Pops, I desire to see others the way you see them, not with a critical heart, but a heart full of love. I want to be someone who's ready to see words lived out in their lives. Too often I limit others because I'm so used to limiting myself, but I've realized I'm showing others that it's better to adopt a discipline of risk management than trust.

I don't want anyone to tell my friends they can't do something. And I don't want to be the neigh-sayer in their lives. I would rather speak life. I'm full of love for dad. So grateful that he lets us feel even when we try our hardest to stay away from pain. Our stories begin when we let them begin. But as Miller says, we're just a single tree in a great big forest.

Maybe the ramblings of thoughts mean something to others and I hope they do.

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