Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Dubai, Schmoo Dubai

One last neighborhood!

Fact #19: When you run out of space on land, make your own way!

"Less than six years ago only a couple of beach resorts broke the largely deserted stretch of coastline running south from Jumeirah to Jebel Ali but, unsurprisingly, in the fastest growing city on the planet, all that changed overnight.  The modern skyscraper city of New Dubai, as it's called, is home to the self-proclaimed 'eighth wonder of the world', the Palm Jumeirah (suitably crowned with the mammoth pink Atlantis Hotel), flashy residential developments including the waterfront Jumeirah Beach Residence with its European-style promenade, the Dubai Marina with its luxury yachts, and the city's best beach resorts.  Judging by the number of cranes jutting above the skyline, New Dubai isn't done yet and continues to expand at a phenomenal rate- watch this space for the Dubai Waterfront, which is expected to add 800 km to the coastline.  It's a different world to neighbouring Jumeirah with its low-rise white villas and bougainvillea-filled gardens- and the antithesis of Old Dubai, down by the Creek."

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