Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Week Full of MOO

If you ask any one of my co-workers, I'm sure they would mention that this past week was life-changing. There are things that I saw, experienced and heard this week that I hope I will carry with me through the rest of life.

With the tornado that brought devastation to Mineola, I learned and saw that dad truly gives and takes away. It was crazy to see huge trees, 10-12 feet in diameter, totally uprooted by a wind stronger than I can even imagine. We were able to speak with people this week who lost so much and who are living among their own devastation.

And I was truly blessed by the school that I had the privilege of working with this week. I learned so much from them and hope they learned at least one thing from me. We spent Wednesday night watching talents and hiding from the tornado blowing through Mineola in a candle-lit dining hall. My favorite student was a boy who insisted after MOOing that he was speaking cow. I now know how to say both "yes" and "no" in cow. Oh, I love being enlightened by children.

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